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Graffiti - a movement that was “born as a crisis phenomenon”, spread as an subculture and turned out to be an art genre. By the movement - which was already heterogeneous in itself - not only different images but entire styles emerged from the very beginning. New genres and artistic overlaps have developed from the streets, which is still multifaceted today.


Influencing and mixing a wide variety of creative forms of expression such as pop art, painting, photography, illustration, design, music, fashion or art in public space, this subculture and its protagonists have been among the important cultural changes of the 21st century for more than 40 years is now going to be an integral part of new contemporary art. 


Chemnitz ́ cultural-historical roots and role in this art form are described as very important - a „stopover" of the movement coming from Berlin and West-Germany to the former GDR and later new federal states to Eastern Europe. The HALLENKUNST project documents this development with a comprehensive art and cultural-historical review with more than 70 artists and 30 galleries from the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, the Baltic States, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary.


HALLENKUNST takes place September 2025 in Chemnitz, Germany as a massive-scale multi-disciplinary group exhibition on more than 5.000sqm and will be the projection ground for artistic street projects curated and taking place between September 2023 and October 2025 in and around the city. 

​HALLENKUNST, Group Exhibition, November 2025, Chemnitz, Germany

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