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The Chemnitz Cammann Building will be the basis and headquarters for our > Artists-In-Residence Program, the artworks created for > HALLENKUNST 2025 and the PUBLIC MURAL project.


A cathedral of the industrial age, designed in the mid-1920s by the now almost forgotten Werkbund architect Willy Schönefeld, it is the first skyscraper in the city of Chemnitz and a place that made history - like the company that once resided here.


The skyscraper rises 40.10 meters into the sky - over eight floors, with an eight-axis, 33-meter-wide main facade that was not - as was customary at the time - clad in brick. The building is an outstanding example of expressionist-influenced architecture in Chemnitz - and thus a treasure chest whose architect showed a sense of symbolism: The vertical ribbed plaster on the facade, for example - already a popular design element in Art Nouveau - was supposed to symbolize the textile products that were once manufactured here: precious luxury fabrics for wealthy customers.

Restored in 1996 by the first HALLENKUNST co-host (2010) and architect Peter Waldvogel († 2022), the entrance, lined with veined travertine inside, shines in new splendor, as does the original elevator with folding seat bench installed in 1924, the paneling with polished wood not only on the former in-house studio floor but also the showroom, where the HALLENKUNST Artists-In-Residence will develop, work, and design in a multidisciplinary way on over 800 square meters in the next two years until the final group show in > 2025

The CAMMANN STUDIOS will consist of community, > LIBRARY and living rooms for the curated and invited artists, 2 ateliers with rooftop patios, a digital workshop space, audio studio, a darkroom for analog photo projects, a screen printing studio and the 350 square meter > SHOWROOM to host preview exhibits and the entire HALLENKUNST art collection.

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For future events and exhibitions please check our > EVENTS section.


Blankenauer Straße 74

09113, Chemnitz



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