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The European Capital of Culture (ECoC) is an award given by the European Union to a city that has demonstrated a commitment to cultural development and creativity. The award is a chance for the city to showcase its cultural heritage and to attract visitors from all over the world.


In 2025, the city of Chemnitz in Germany will hold the title of ECoC including the journey in the coming years, with a program of over 65 international major projects and hundreds of small initiatives created, including our HALLENKUNST project to promote modern and contemporary arts and street culture and to enrich and strengthen the relationship between the city and its surroundings from the perspective of art in the streets and culture. 

Eastern State of Mind - Eastern Streets of Mind


The Chemnitz2025 program calls on people to recognise their own talents and to contribute them with four major lines: Makers², It´s moving, Generous Neighbours and Eastern State of Mind, the main line linked to our project HALLENKUNST. 


Eastern State of Mind provides links to a European maker identity by tracking down the often unjustly hidden Eastern European influences on Chemnitz' everyday life, architecture and culture, developing the "soul of the East" and bringing it to life in new places for creative work, to open people's hearts and bring them closer together through shared stories and ideas. And because HALLENKUNST is about the art from the streets, we flipped the ECoC 2025 line to Eastern Streets of Mind, with a number of projects planned and realized in and around the CAMMANN STUDIOS > on our journey to 2025, including:

  • A series of ARTIST RESIDENCIES > in the CAMMANN STUDIOS > that will bring together artists in various genres working coming from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltics, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, the USA and of course Chemnitz.  

  • A series of EVENTS > including film screenings, talks, urban interventions and performances that will showcase the diversity of the huge world of Art in and from the streets

  • A PUBLIC MURAL > program that would commission graffiti- and street artists to create large-scale themed murals in public spaces

  • A series of educational programs and workshop for schools and associations that will promote creativity and participation.

  • A Hip Hop and Graffiti festival that would bring together graffiti artists from all over Europe to compete in a series of challenges

  • A final large scale group exhibition in 2025 - HALLENKUNST >


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