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From November 2023 the HALLENKUNST artist residency program promotes various artistic production in the CAMMANN STUDIOS > and the streets of Chemnitz.


Accompanying the HALLENKUNST 2025 > exhibition, the artist-in-residence program invites international artists in the fields of visual arts, photo and film – the residency is planned to run twice a year for up to three weeks from 2023 to 2025 dedicated to any forms of discourse, mediation, sub-cultural research and further education in the urban art context through its various programs.


Via international cooperation with artists and galleries HALLENKUNST strives for intercultural exchange and a lively, transnational dialogue, and acts as a player in the graffiti- and street art, urban culture, creative, civic, and education sector.


The artistic residence, off-site actions and its massive-scale multi-disciplinary group exhibition in 2025 >, the HALLENKUNST is committed alongside the artists to promote a multiple approach that transcends borders and standards. The HALLENKUNST off-site projects such as the PUBLIC MURAL > program contributes to the artistic development of Chemnitz alongside with the local cultural actors in order to encourage encounters between the different pictorial and intellectual approaches.


The HALLENKUNST artist residencies headquarters are the CAMMANN STUDIOS > in Chemnitz, a meeting place between art and its amateurs. Presentations of projects are regularly organized as preview exhibits within public EVENTS > in and around the Cammann building´s showroom with performances, lectures or pop-up exhibitions. The artists exchange, discuss with the public, answer interviews with journalists or decipher their works with art critics.

The main body of works created by the artists during these residencies are linked and on display in full scale at HALLENKUNST 2025 >.


HALLENKUNST Artists-in-Residency, CAMMANN STUDIOS >,  2023-2025




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